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Why Hire a General Contractor? 

Even if you have solid DIY skills, a general contractor is a necessity when undertaking a construction or a home remodeling project. In fact, the success or possible failure of your home improvement endeavor depends on who you hire to manage it.
Before you stop and ask, “Why do I need a general contractor for a simple kitchen remodel?”, take note of the fact that this job will actually take between 5 and 6 weeks if everything goes well. You will need to hire a lot of people like a plumber, someone to do the countertop, the cabinets, the flooring, and even someone to install your new appliances. A simple rule of thumb is if the work will take longer than a week, which requires a lot of experts or needs some permits, you will benefit from hiring a general contractor.
Based on his job title, a general contractor will have full responsibility of everything, from buying the materials, scouting the manpower, and making sure the work is progressing well. Even if you have a good design, it cannot materialize without finding the right person to turn it into reality.
Why is the general contractor so important in a construction project or even a smaller home project like a kitchen remodel? The answer lies in the long list of their responsibilities.
The General Contractor’s Tasks
1. Project Bidding and Negotiation
Because he will be in charge of purchasing the materials and hiring the workers, he will be the one who has an idea how much a project will cost. This means he will be discussing the contract with you, the homeowner, and drafting contracts with all the subcontractors.
While many people are trying to save money on their home remodeling projects, they might end up with substandard quality. A great general contractor knows how much good quality costs, and will not bring down the charges just to win the bid if the outcome will suffer.
2. Coordinating Permits and Inspections
Certain home renovation projects require some paperwork and at times have to be inspected. Paperwork takes time and requires expertise as well, so you would be glad to have an experienced general contractor to do it.
3. Managing Payments and Schedules
Everyone on the site needs to be organized on a schedule and there are many payments that need to be made. In order for you, the owner, not to have to deal with all of these little details, your general contractor is there to take care of them for you. The worksite is like an orchestra where the right person has to come to do his work at the right time. For example, the worker doing the drywall can only come in when the electrical, plumbing, and insulation work are done. The general contractor is tasked to make sure everyone follows the schedule. In case of delays or uncontrollable circumstances, he will have to adjust the timeline and reorganize the workers’ schedules.
Another important task is to make sure all workers have the tools and materials they need for that kitchen remodel so he has to accomplish the orders and coordinate the deliveries. Someone without the knowledge might end up ordering the wrong parts, which can lead to the project being late as well as other issues.
4. Supervising and Troubleshooting On The Site
Whether you have a bathroom remodel or a flood repair project, someone needs to make sure that the plan is followed all the way to the end. Along the way, mistakes might be made or some challenges might come up. Only someone with the expertise and the management skills can do the troubleshooting to ensure the work continues on without a hitch.
Because of these responsibilities, it is important to find someone with all the capabilities to handle all of the tasks. Even if you might think twice about paying a good general contractor and prefer to hire someone cheaper or do it yourself, think about all the headaches you will avoid. Problems can also arise in smaller home remodel projects, so it’s better to have someone capable on the team.
The Pros and Cons Of Hiring A Contractor
1. You Do Not Have To Be Present
A general contractor relieves you of a lot of stress, especially if you are busy or you lack the expertise. There are also certain projects wherein the owner or renter cannot be there physically because they are moving out or someone is moving in, so having a general contractor can be there to manage everything. He is also the perfect solution to handle rental property so that landlords do not have to worry if the plumbing breaks down in the middle of the night. You will also only need to coordinate with one person during the project.
2. He Has Contacts
A great contractor knows who to hire for certain tasks, ensuring that the quality of work remains high. You would not have to worry about looking for specialists for every step of the way because your contractor might already have enough contacts. Because he hired them, he will also make sure everyone does the work well.
3. He Has To Be Trustworthy
While having one point person is good, you have to make sure he is trustworthy as he will have control over the entire project. Because he might have some more knowledge than you, you might encounter issues getting what you want if he has a different interpretation of your vision. If there are conflicts, you will have no one to mediate between the two of you. If he is also not doing his work well, the project will not be finished with the quality you expect.
Finding The Right General Contractor
Given the huge responsibilities that fall on his shoulders, you should find a great contractor who can fulfill them well. You can start your search through your architect or even your family and friends. You can check for references or find someone with the reputation for top work.
More importantly, you need to find someone you feel you can trust and you have a good rapport with. You will be talking with this person regularly, so it has to be someone you feel comfortable working with and has been proven to deliver.
Do not focus on finding the one with the lowest bid, but focus more on the “value for money” that he brings. He might be a bit more expensive but if his clients praise him, he is worth every cent you will pay.

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